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MH&Co. attends NEHA AEC in Orlando

Mitchell Humphrey & Co. (MH&Co.) recently returned from the National Environmental Health Association Annual Educational Conference (AEC) in Orlando, Florida.  The AEC brings together environmental health professionals from all over; providing education, networking and advancement potential for all.  MH&Co. had the opportunity to sponsor the Technology Track at the conference and to speak with attendees about how they can use software to make their jobs easier.  They also presented a Learning Lab that discussed ways to organize, log, route, and physically track day-to-day processes, as well as easily interact with the public.

The Mitchell Humphrey & Co. FastTrackGov® Environmental Health Software provides environmental health organizations with a specialized permitting and code enforcement management system.

A few of the benefits you will receive from this web-based solution are:

  • Automation of all types of permit applications and renewal processing
  • Choice of the best deployment option for you – cloud or on-premise
  • Improved staff productivity with mobility options – inspections and violations can be entered from the field
  • Automatic computation and processing of fees and charges – no matter how complex the calculation
  • Instant communication of alerts, tasks, and notifications – even across departmental lines
  • Customizable, user-defined dashboard reports and graphs – in minutes
  • Familiar appearance and feel with complete integration to all Microsoft back office solutions
  • Robust ad hoc reporting capabilities

Visit to get more information or to schedule a demo.

Mitchell Humphrey & Co. Website · FastTrackGov Website · FastTrackGov on YouTube

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Smaller Towns Get Smarter

Mitchell Humphrey & Co. recently found an article on entitled, “Smaller Towns Get Smarter”.  Better technology for data analysis and visualization fuels Main Street’s move to evidence-based decision-making.  <<Read article


Mitchell Humphrey & Co. Website · FastTrackGov Website · FastTrackGov on YouTube

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Mitchell Humphrey & Co. Makes CIO Review 100 Most Promising Microsoft Solution Providers for 2015

With the many leaps and bounds Mitchell Humphrey & Co. (MH&Co.) has made within the past year, there was no doubt our successes were going to get noticed.  CIO Review took note of MH&Co. in their issue “100 Most Promising Microsoft Solution Providers – 2015.”

Titled “Fully Integrated Software Solutions for Organizations of All Sizes,” Kim Schaefer, President and Chief Operating Officer, discusses how we at MH&Co. and Microsoft work together to bring clients swift workflow and convenience with our software.  To read more about MH&Co and their how they provide software and enterprise services to clients in the public and private sector, click here.

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5 Reasons You Should Use Mitchell Humphrey & Co. Software

Mitchell Humphrey & Co.’s Government Software Solutions help local government be more productive with fewer resources.

Mitchell Humphrey & Co. offers a variety of business solutions. technology touchscreen interface

Mitchell Humphrey & Co. (MH&Co.) has been in business for over 35 years, bringing several solutions to the table.  MH&Co. has built a reputation not only for providing top-notch software solutions, but also for providing quality client support.  This is evidenced by the fact that many of their clients have used their software for over 25 years and through multiple generations of technology advances.

Operator ImageResponse Center Team

Client support is provided by a team of business specialists, CPAs, and IT professionals who design the products.  The MH&Co. Response Center’s goal is to answer all questions on the initial call.  For matters that require research or verification, it is their objective to respond in 24 hours or less.

New Versions

Clients supported by MH&Co. also receive new versions of the software at no additional charge.  Each upgrade is thoroughly tested by a Quality Assurance team, who also provides instructions to make the upgrade process quick and easy.  Free upgrades are just one more way MH&Co. clients are provided a greater return on their software investment.

Implementation Services and Project Planning.

All pre-installation, installation, and post-installation services for MH&Co.’s software solutions are provided by full time, in-house staff members. Since it’s your satisfaction and their reputation that are on the line, this approach enables them to ensure that you receive the highest quality service possible.

The team consists of CPAs, IT professionals, and other business specialists who are extremely knowledgeable about MH&Co.’s software solutions.  They are experienced in the real working world in positions much like yours.  Working side-by-side with their software development team, the implementation team is able to quickly and effectively address questions and concerns.  The implementation team provides a variety of services throughout the implementation.

Gain More Insight Into Your Own Data

All of MH&Co.’s solutions, from financial management to community development and citizen services, are fully integrated providing complete transparency and ease of accessing your data.  They provide a variety of query and reporting tools and dashboards to provide the information you need when you need it.

To learn more about Mitchell Humphrey & Co. software or to request a demo, visit


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Uber to kick off N.J. tour opposing legislation to regulate it

bokeh taxi sign resized smallerMitchell Humphrey & Co. recently found an article on entitled, “Uber to kick off N.J. tour opposing legislation to regulate it”.  Uber, the electronic ride sharing service that’s drawn the ire of the state’s taxi industry, will launch a statewide tour to lobby against legislation advancing in the state Assembly.  <<Read article




Mitchell Humphrey & Co. Website · FastTrackGov Website · FastTrackGov on YouTube

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The Top Ten Reasons to Attend the MHUG Conference

Seattle skyline, Washington State, USA.For the past 28 years, the MHUG Conference has benefited countless organizations with amazing insight into the industry.  As if this was not reason enough, we have put together a list of 10 reasons why you should attend the MHUG Conference in Seattle.

  1. Face-to-Face Always Trumps Digital Encounters.  Good, better, best.  Connecting over email is good.  Connecting on the phone is better.  Connecting face-to-face is always best, and always will be.
  2. Learn About FMS III.  Hear expert insight directly from Mitchell Humphrey & Co. leaders surrounding all of the latest business solutions, get answers to questions, and see breakthrough innovations.
  3. Guiding the Future of FMS.  By attending the MHUG Conference, attendees will be able to participate in product/enhancement discussions.
  4. Get a FREE day of Consulting. This year Mitchell Humphrey & Co. is offering all organizations a Buy One, Get One free day of consulting that can be used anytime up until September 2016.  Renew your membership, send at least one person to the MHUG Conference, and take advantage of this limited time BOGO consulting day offer.
  5. Get 10% OFF Registration with 5 or more People.  Send at least 5 people to the 2015 MHUG conference and each person will get 10% off their registration!
  6. Make Valuable Connections.  There will be many opportunities to meet others, share ideas, and exchange contact information.  Meet others using business solutions that could benefit your organization.
  7. Meet Industry Leaders.  One way to become an industry leader, and stay an industry leader, is to meet others who are also industry leaders.  At this year’s MHUG Conference, you’ll have the opportunity to hear where the company and the industry are heading directly from Mitchell Humphrey & Co. leaders.  Gain knowledge on anticipating trends, opportunities, and help position your organization for success through smarter financial decisions.
  8. Learn Current Strategies that are Working for Others.  In addition to FMS, participants will be learning about the latest in online financial and data initiatives, as well as fraud and other banking related topics.
  9. Receive Continuing Education to Share with Coworkers and CPE Credits at no Additional Cost.  Learn from hands–on classes, chats, and added value sessions which can be shared within your organization.
  10. Regain Focus.  Improve Productivity.  Become Inspired.  Attending the 28th Annual MHUG Conference can help you regain your company’s focus and greatly improve your productivity.  Become inspired by those around you and dig into the newest technology.  Take this time to concentrate on your efforts and build a plan of action.  Inspiration awaits you at the 2015 MHUG Conference!

For more information about the MHUG Conference, visit

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Inspiration Awaits at the 28th Annual MHUG Conference in Seattle, WA

Seattle skyline, Washington State, USA.Registration is Now Open!

Join fellow Mitchell Humphrey & Co. users and be the first to learn of software upgrades, enhancements, and effective streamlined techniques during the 28th Annual Mitchell Humphrey User Group (MHUG) Conference.

The conference will take place September 13 – 16, 2015 at the Hotel Monaco in Seattle, WA.  Attend educational sessions on Mitchell Humphrey & Co.’s FMS (Financial Management Software).

Register Now and receive early-bird pricing.

Included in your registration cost:

  • 10 Hands-On Sessions (Including FMS III Sessions)
  • 10 Breakout Sessions
  • 10 General Sessions
  • 2 Social Events
  • 3 Complete Days of Breakfast and Lunch

Get a FREE day of Consulting!  This year Mitchell Humphrey & Co. is offering all organizations represented a Buy One, Get One Free day of consulting that can be used anytime up until September 2016.


Conference Agenda — See what is planned for the 2015 MHUG Conference.  Learn about new FMS III features, scheduled sessions, and conference social events.

Convince The Boss — Need some help convincing your boss to approve this educational experience? Use this sample letter to justify your costs.

To learn more, visit

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5 Reasons to Use FastTrackGov®

FastTrackGov® offers a variety of business touchscreen interface

Mitchell Humphrey & Co. has been in business for over 35 years, bringing several solutions to the table.  The latest in their line of solutions is FastTrackGov (FTG).  FTG provides government organizations with an easy-to-use, feature-rich suite of web-based solutions for LicensingPermittingCode EnforcementEnvironmental HealthCitizen Interaction, and Vehicle for Hire Regulation Management.  FTG makes it easier for departments to communicate with each other, and for citizens to interact with their government.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics® CRM

FTG is built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform so that data is automated and can be easily shared among multiple departments in real-time.  FTG allows citizens, office staff, managers, inspectors, and other staff the ability to work fluidly together.


All FTG products are designed for use as either standalone or integrated with other products.  Integration means all data is entered only once and is available to all other connected users.


Fast Tracked

All products contain features that speed the processing of applications, citizen feedback, code enforcement cases, and other documents.  Faster processing means more satisfied citizens and often increased revenues.


All products contain optional features and alternative ways of performing tasks.  This flexibility means you do not have to change policies and processes that you desire to keep.  In other words, our products adapt to your needs rather than the other way around.

With FTG, you can save time, improve citizen service, and obtain faster results.  The software system will effectively pay for itself in the long run.  To learn more about FTG or to schedule a demo, visit

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Mitchell Humphrey & Co. announces its release of Vehicle for Hire Regulation Management Software

Mitchell Humphrey & Co. presents Vehicle for Hire Regulation Management Software, the latest addition to its full suite of FastTrackGov® web-based solutions.

line of taxis

Mitchell Humphrey & Co. knows that the vehicle for hire industry is currently undergoing continual change.  Regulators need a system to automate and streamline their operations.  This is why Mitchell Humphrey & Co. developed this module as part of its full suite of FastTrackGov products.  >>Read More






Mitchell Humphrey & Co. Website · FastTrackGov Website · FastTrackGov on YouTube

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Visit Mitchell Humphrey & Co. at the New Jersey Government Management Information Sciences Conference!

Visit Mitchell Humphrey & Co. at the New Jersey Government Management Information Sciences Conference at Booth 39 in the Palace at Somerset Park on March 25, 2015! mytown citizen connect

All your data is at your fingertips with Mitchell Humphrey & Co.’s FastTrackGov® solutions. 

Mitchell Humphrey & Co.’s FastTrackGov (FTG) offers an easy-to-use suite of web-based solutions for Licensing, Permitting, Code Enforcement, Inspections, Land Management, Environmental Health, and Citizen Interaction.  Built on the Microsoft Dynamics® CRM platform, FTG allows you to share data and communicate instantly with all interested parties. FTG will help you save time, reduce errors, speed up service, and go green.

We invite you to visit us at an event in your area, or you may also learn about the FastTrackGov solution by scheduling your own personalized demonstration at

logo_FTG-4ct-w-700 a product of:

logo_MH_PMS195 with tagline



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