Join Mitchell Humphrey & Co. at the AGTA Conference 2017!

Mitchell Humphrey & Co.’s (MH&Co.) first Vehicle for Hire conference of the year is the Alicense, keys, and license plateGTA (Airport Ground Transportation Association) Conference from March 26-29, 2017 in Dallas, TX. MH&Co. will be offering innovative ways to automate and streamline your agency’s operations today and in the future.

Technology and automation are key to an organization’s ability to respond to changes in a timely manner. FastTrackGov® enables your agency to do just that. With the built-in flexibility of the Microsoft Dynamics® CRM platform, you are equipped to manage changing requirements with efficiency and streamlined technology.

FastTrackGov manages all of your application, processing, and data collection needs related to drivers, vehicles, and companies/operating authorities, including those of TNCs.

Stop by the MH&Co. booth to learn more! MH&Co. will be sponsoring Tuesday’s breaks.

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FastTrackGov® Mobile Will Be the Newest Addition to Software Solutions

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Mitchell Humphrey is pleased to introduce FastTrackGov Mobile to their line of FastTrackGov solutions. This exciting new application allows personnel to remotely access the FastTrackGov application while away from the office.

FastTrackGov is a suite of products intended to facilitate communication between government and their constituents providing for a completely integrated organization. County governments, municipal governments, government agencies, special districts, and taxing authorities have all benefited from the ability to manage a broad array of revenue sources from this single, fully secured, integrated system.

“We have selected FastTrackGov because it provides a web portal on our City’s website to enhance the on-line experience of our citizens. The Microsoft CRM automation tools, within FastTrackGov, will increase our productivity with the use of the approvals and fee collection applications,” offered the City of Fargo, North Dakota, a FastTrackGov client since 2010.

In addition, FastTrackGov Mobile provides for disconnected access for those areas where an internet connection is unavailable. The disconnected access gives staff members the freedom to work whenever and wherever they need to. The staff member can download and synchronize the data between FastTrackGov and the disconnected client.

“Connectivity is critical in government today and the FastTrackGov Mobile app is just one more way we provide 24/7/365 access. The portability, ease-of-use, and connected/disconnected access make FastTrackGov Mobile a must-have for the busy public servant,” commented Kim Schaefer, President and Chief Operating Officer for Mitchell Humphrey.

Using FastTrackGov Mobile, the user may pick scheduled inspections for downloading to a PC or tablet. A checklist is offered and, depending on inspections selected, FastTrackGov Mobile will download and update the violation types, statues, etc. which are available. On-site field personnel can retrieve inspection or record history and automatically update FastTrackGov with inspection results, violations, and comments. These updates may then be printed locally on a PC or tablet with no connection to the network. The user may upload results to FastTrackGov at their convenience when connected access is available.

FastTrackGov Mobile also allows personnel to be more productive in the field with fast, effective results. Outcomes of the inspections are delivered on-site so that the cycle may be completed in one visit. To learn more about FastTrackGov Mobile, visit