Black Friday: Government and Business Security

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FastTrackGov found an interesting article posted by Government Security News entitled “Watch your mobile device on Black Friday”.  This article points out the importance of security on Black Friday and how many businesses and government workers are often linked to their work through their mobile devices.

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Senate Joins House in Repealing 3% Withholding Law

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On November 10, the U.S. Senate passed legislation, H.R. 674, repealing the 3% Withholding Law, that was part of the 2005 Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act (TIPRA). The Senate’s version was amended, in a noncontroversial manner, and the amended legislation will need to be voted on again in the U.S. House of Representatives – likely sometime this week. The House passed the original bill in late October. Following the House’s ‘re’ passage of the bill, President Obama will sign the repeal legislation into law.

A Quick Way to Save Inquiry Plus Results to MS Excel

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  • Execute your Inquiry.
  • When the results are displayed on the Inquiry Results screen, click on the topmost, leftmost cell of the results to highlight all of the cells.  This will darken all of the cells.

  • Right-click and choose Copy.
  • Open MS Excel and start a new file.
  • Click in the spreadsheet where you want to insert your data from the inquiry, then right-click and choose Paste.

Now you have your inquiry results in a spreadsheet!

Manchester Embraces The Cloud with FastTrackGov® Government/Citizen Software

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New Jersey’s Manchester Township has decided to go green by moving forward with Mitchell Humphrey’s FastTrackGov Cloud-Based Citizen/Government Software Portal.

FastTrackGov is a suite of products designed specifically for government and intended to facilitate communication between government and their constituents.  It provides for a completely integrated organization and can be used by county governments, municipal governments, government agencies, special districts, and taxing authorities.  Citizens can apply for a new business license, request an inspection, complain about a pothole, or pay their fees online.  FastTrackGov and the FTG Connect® Citizen Portal are easy tools for citizens to use to communicate with their local government.

Making the decision to go green wasn’t difficult for the Manchester Township.  As an Ocean County community, Manchester had made their decision to use FastTrackGov’s Cloud-Based Citizen Portal after reaching a record high population of 43,070 citizens in 2010.  “Our community is steadily growing, and we must grow with it,” stated Mike Martin, Construction Official for Manchester Township.

Today, retirement communities comprise more than 80% of all residential units.  This has led them to be one of the fastest growing townships in the entire state of New Jersey.  “Even though the majority of our citizens have primary residency in Manchester, there are several individuals and family members who work and live out of state or overseas, leaving a high demand for online communication,” stated Martin.  “Having access to the FTG Connect® web portal 24/7/365 is an incredible resource for them and for us.”

With the anticipation for further growth and knowing that nearly all households have computers, Manchester decided they needed an easier way for citizens to directly connect to their government.  “Having worked with Manchester since 1998, I’m very excited to see their township go green.  Mike Martin wears multiple hats and has a very knowledgeable technology-based background.  I knew he would be the first of our 190 clients to switch to CRM,” commented Nancy Brady, Account Executive of FastTrackGov’s Government Software Solutions.

Initially, the township was looking for a CRM system that integrated with their existing Microsoft framework.  This led them to FastTrackGov software, which allows them to consolidate and track information across departments while enhancing their ability to communicate with citizens.  “On-line payments and communication boards make it convenient for both citizens and their communities.  Think of it as a virtual city hall,” commented Kim Schaefer, President and Chief Operating Officer for Mitchell Humphrey.

Built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM framework, FastTrackGov met all of their requirements.  The software also has allowed them to gain efficiencies, such as maintaining a comprehensive view of the citizen request and gaining the ability to continuously communicate with citizens throughout the process.  “Through this portal, our residents will be able to communicate with multiple departments online from their home computer, iPhone, or iPad.  It’s very user-friendly and will help increase our efficiency by eliminating phone and counter traffic for our staff,” stated Martin.

Manchester anticipates that the new software will help the merchants, landlords, and others affected by the economy.  It will allow citizens to apply for a business license or permit, food license, renew rental property registrations, review code enforcement cases, and submit complaints about street or property conditions or request copies of public records.  “Realtors can’t wait for the system to go live,” commented Darlene Garcia, Zoning Secretary for Manchester Township.

With efforts to embrace green initiatives, FastTrackGov will likely be the ultimate online influence connecting the Manchester Township community to its government.  “FastTrackGov has proven to be very reliable and consistent with meeting our needs and our community’s needs. We’re looking forward to all of the upgrades and are pleased that our citizens will be able to engage on-line without the Township incurring many overhead expenses,” commented Martin.

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