5 Reasons to Automate Processes

According to thesaurus.com, the opposite of automate is humanize. And a like word is robotize. When thinking about automating processes, I don’t really think humans vs. robots but more along the lines of streamlining or integrating or simplifying.

There are many reasons to automate. FastTrackGov® (FTG) is a fully automated software solution for state and local governments. Which means what? It means one centralized database, improved staff efficiency, processing citizen requests faster, and less paperwork. It also means you can connect with your citizens anytime, anywhere, day or night. They are able to complete online applications for licenses and permits, submit requests and renewals, schedule inspections, and more, with the click of a button (and without ever having to leave home).

Here are five reasons to check out the automated FTG community development product line:

  1. Versatility – Real-time access to all information on each permit application AND from any location in the field from a web-enabled device.
  2. Improved communication – Being able to easily communicate with your citizens is so important. They will appreciate the convenience of online services.
  3. Efficiency – Citizen submissions are routed to the proper department/individuals electronically for review and quick resolution. (Shorter wait time).
  4. Web-based – There are no snow days with FTG. Your citizens can connect with you no matter the weather.
  5. Capabilities – Being built on the Microsoft Dynamics® CRM platform allows for data sharing, business intelligence, and desktop integration.


Automating makes everything easier, and more efficient. With FastTrackGov, automation makes for better citizen service and greater productivity.

Designed specifically for government use, our products can serve almost every agency, department, or special district in cities, counties, and states. Give us a call, email us, or click here to learn more about automating your processes. Or schedule a demonstration here.

Come See Us @ the NJEHA Conference – Booth #206

Mitchell Humphrey & Co. is off to Atlantic City. We are exhibiting at the New Jersey Environmental Health Association 2018 Conference on March 4 & 5. Join us at booth #206. We will be sharing information on our FastTrackGov® Environmental Health (FTG EH) software. And giving away a $100 gift card.

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This web-based solution automates all types of permit applications and renewals, including:

  • Food establishments
  • Swimming pools
  • Sewer/septic tanks
  • Massage therapists
  • X-ray equipment
  • And more

It assists the code enforcement team by automatically routing complaints to the right party and/or creating a code enforcement case from a complaint. It generates inspection schedules from the FTG EH scheduling module. You are also able to enter inspection results and violations online from the field.

The FTG EH solution allows citizens and businesses to connect with you online. Interact on such matters as permit and license applications, payments, renewals, reports, including restaurant scores, complaints, requests, and questions. And most notably, at their convenience.

The entire process is more efficient and streamlined. Data can be shared among all necessary parties, you can instantly communicate with staff, management, applicants, and third parties, as well as automatically compute complex fees.

You will have complete integration with Microsoft. You can access FTG EH directly from Microsoft Outlook® and export to Excel with the click of a button. Create your own dashboards simply, share data, and invoke security when needed.

The NJEHA is a great show. Expect comprehensive seminars featuring expert speakers covering a wide range of timely subjects, a first look at new technologies, products, and services, and the opportunity to meet varied professionals. Community leaders, consultants and engineers, students, emergency responders, and township planners with be among the attendees.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference, and fulfilling all of your environmental health software needs. If you aren’t able to attend, you can schedule a one-on-one demonstration at http://www.fasttrackgov.com/contact-us/schedule-a-demo/.

FastTrackGov® Special Feature: Permitting and Code Enforcement Management Systems for Environmental Health Organizations

Environmental Health - man testing water in a streamThe important role of environmental health organizations in protecting the health of the public demands a specialized permitting and code enforcement management system – FastTrackGov® provides just that.

logo_FTG-4ct-w-700 delivers:

  • Automation of all types of permit applications and renewals
  • Exceptional citizen service with online, real-time information and notifications
  • Faster response time with built-in workflows
  • Lower cost per citizen served
  • Ability to easily analyze operational results (request processed, violations issued, fees, etc.)
  • Enhanced citizen satisfaction with automatic recording, routing, and response to requests
  • Maximized revenue potential with automatic fee computations and online payments
  • Ability to manage risks through enforcement of regulations and control over the process

Visit www.fasttrackgov.com/eh for more information or to schedule a demo.

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The Infrastructure the Next Generation of Cities Will Need

Mitchell Humphrey & Co.plant in a light bulb 2 recently found an article on GovTech.com entitled, “The Infrastructure the Next Generation of Cities Will Need.”  It will be technology that will enable “Cities 3.0” — the transformation of metropolitan centers into hubs of innovation and entrepreneurship.  >>Read Article


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Manchester Embraces The Cloud with FastTrackGov® Government/Citizen Software

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New Jersey’s Manchester Township has decided to go green by moving forward with Mitchell Humphrey’s FastTrackGov Cloud-Based Citizen/Government Software Portal.

FastTrackGov is a suite of products designed specifically for government and intended to facilitate communication between government and their constituents.  It provides for a completely integrated organization and can be used by county governments, municipal governments, government agencies, special districts, and taxing authorities.  Citizens can apply for a new business license, request an inspection, complain about a pothole, or pay their fees online.  FastTrackGov and the FTG Connect® Citizen Portal are easy tools for citizens to use to communicate with their local government.

Making the decision to go green wasn’t difficult for the Manchester Township.  As an Ocean County community, Manchester had made their decision to use FastTrackGov’s Cloud-Based Citizen Portal after reaching a record high population of 43,070 citizens in 2010.  “Our community is steadily growing, and we must grow with it,” stated Mike Martin, Construction Official for Manchester Township.

Today, retirement communities comprise more than 80% of all residential units.  This has led them to be one of the fastest growing townships in the entire state of New Jersey.  “Even though the majority of our citizens have primary residency in Manchester, there are several individuals and family members who work and live out of state or overseas, leaving a high demand for online communication,” stated Martin.  “Having access to the FTG Connect® web portal 24/7/365 is an incredible resource for them and for us.”

With the anticipation for further growth and knowing that nearly all households have computers, Manchester decided they needed an easier way for citizens to directly connect to their government.  “Having worked with Manchester since 1998, I’m very excited to see their township go green.  Mike Martin wears multiple hats and has a very knowledgeable technology-based background.  I knew he would be the first of our 190 clients to switch to CRM,” commented Nancy Brady, Account Executive of FastTrackGov’s Government Software Solutions.

Initially, the township was looking for a CRM system that integrated with their existing Microsoft framework.  This led them to FastTrackGov software, which allows them to consolidate and track information across departments while enhancing their ability to communicate with citizens.  “On-line payments and communication boards make it convenient for both citizens and their communities.  Think of it as a virtual city hall,” commented Kim Schaefer, President and Chief Operating Officer for Mitchell Humphrey.

Built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM framework, FastTrackGov met all of their requirements.  The software also has allowed them to gain efficiencies, such as maintaining a comprehensive view of the citizen request and gaining the ability to continuously communicate with citizens throughout the process.  “Through this portal, our residents will be able to communicate with multiple departments online from their home computer, iPhone, or iPad.  It’s very user-friendly and will help increase our efficiency by eliminating phone and counter traffic for our staff,” stated Martin.

Manchester anticipates that the new software will help the merchants, landlords, and others affected by the economy.  It will allow citizens to apply for a business license or permit, food license, renew rental property registrations, review code enforcement cases, and submit complaints about street or property conditions or request copies of public records.  “Realtors can’t wait for the system to go live,” commented Darlene Garcia, Zoning Secretary for Manchester Township.

With efforts to embrace green initiatives, FastTrackGov will likely be the ultimate online influence connecting the Manchester Township community to its government.  “FastTrackGov has proven to be very reliable and consistent with meeting our needs and our community’s needs. We’re looking forward to all of the upgrades and are pleased that our citizens will be able to engage on-line without the Township incurring many overhead expenses,” commented Martin.

To learn more about the FTG® Connect Web Portal, visit http://mitchellhumphrey.portal.fasttrackgov.com


About Mitchell Humphrey

Since 1977, Mitchell Humphrey has been providing software and services to clients in both the public and private sectors.  Today, clients across North America benefit from our solutions in citizen services, accounting, human resources/payroll, community development, and cashiering.

Learn more about Mitchell Humphrey by visiting our web sites at www.fasttrackgov.com and/or www.mitchellhumphrey.com.


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Could encouraging citizens’ use of electronics be an effective means for cities and counties to deal with their economic woes?

Consider the following facts:

  • As the end of 2011 nears, cities are struggling with cuts to budgets, programs, and services; and, even, furloughs and layoffs of staff.
  • More and more citizens are utilizing the latest electronic gadgets (iPhone, iPad, or Android) to get their news, read or listen to a favorite book, trade on the stock market, or use GPS functions for directions.


City Web Portals:  City web portals are an efficient way to handle applications and requests.  Citizens benefit by no longer having to find time to phone or visit city hall.  There is no need to track email correspondence sent to a city department to apply for a permit or license, or a request that the city take care of some graffiti in the neighborhood park.  Communities benefit when, from the city web site, applications are completed by engaging the citizens to do the data entry, not a city staff person.  An on-line payment via credit card makes it convenient for both citizens and their communities.  Think of it as a virtual city hall.

Engaged Citizens are Happy Citizens:  As a concerned citizen, does it drive you crazy when you see something that requires the city’s attention?  Have you sent emails, phoned city hall, and yet the situation does not change?  Visiting the city’s web portal can simplify life by making requests and receiving updates all through one site.  Cities can automate requests from the back-end as it routes to the proper official within minutes, not days.

Communication Boards:  In addition to the traditional approach of citizens attending council meetings or town halls to present a request, cities should consider offering communication boards.  These on-line bulletin boards create chat communities to share ideas initiated by citizens or officials.  On-line surveys or opinion polls offer valuable information from a larger base of the community which enhances opportunities for better decision making.  Boards can also be used to find a few interested citizens for an effective on-line committee.

Consider FTG Connect®!  FastTrackGov® is the avenue you and your community should consider to create a powerful team.  This subscription-based solution for a web portal assists cities in engaging their citizens on-line via their web sites with low overhead expenses.  FastTrackGov allows a community to configure its applications to the city ordinances.  The web site portal will accept payments for licenses, permits, or other fees.  On-line messaging can be tracked and reviewed by both officials and citizens.  To learn more, visit www.fasttrackgov.com.

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Mitchell Humphrey Unveils Plans for FMS III and Release of FMS 2011 at Annual User Conference

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St. Louis, Missouri (October 25, 2011) – Mitchell Humphrey & Co., a provider of software solutions and services to the public sector for over 34 years, held their annual User Group conference in St. Louis in September.  Each year, at this conference, Mitchell Humphrey & Co. takes the opportunity to reveal new and exciting products and updates to clients and users.  Their conference began by opening with a discussion about the economy and how businesses and governmental organizations are adjusting to the new normal.

Known for their cutting-edge and innovative software solutions, Mitchell Humphrey & Co. took this opportunity to discuss their solutions and how they are helping clients as they find it necessary to do more with fewer resources. These topics included the upcoming November 2011 release of FMS 2011 and their future development plans for a new Financial Management System called FMS III.

Unveiling Plans for FMS III

At the 2011 User Group conference, Mitchell Humphrey announced that it has begun designing FMS III, a new generation of its Financial Management System (FMS II).  The FMS III solution will include all of the robust functionality of FMS II while focusing on simplicity for both power and casual users.

“Our focus is to make it easier for people to find a software solution flexible enough to meet even the most complex organizational requirements, but still easy to use and completely upgradable,” added Kim Schaefer, President and Chief Operating Officer for Mitchell Humphrey.

Mitchell Humphrey started its product design by creating an updated and familiar look to the tabs, sidebars, and the Ribbon directly relating to the Microsoft Office® user interface.  Through FMS III, users will immediately experience the comfort and ease of navigation identified in all of the new designs, functions, and features.  “It is important to add simplicity to each user’s experience and FMS III gives us that opportunity,” commented Schaefer.

Since FMS III is especially designed for organizations with both power and casual users, the new system design will include many enhancements to core functionality in areas like use tax and retainage set up, helping its users save time through better organization.  In addition, FMS III will offer newly enhanced functions and flexibility to recurring invoices, through accounts payable and receivable collections.

Plans to announce the first phase completion of FMS III are expected during the 2012 Users Group conference in Las Vegas.  Future plans for the system software include a SharePoint dashboard, alerts, detail transaction inquiry rewrites, a web-based query tool, and a web interface for distributed functions, such as budgets and purchasing.

Release of FMS 2011

During the 2011 Users Group conference, Mitchell Humphrey also announced plans to release FMS 2011 in November of this year.  The FMS 2011 solution benefits its users directly through bank reconciliation, new security maintenance, and secure attachment types.  The product increases system management capabilities to add out-of-date warnings to the user interface, the ability to configure DayStart to truncate and save error logs, and features a viewer to display the client software version.  With its heightened security and added simplicity, FMS 2011 provides an enhanced user experience while satisfying stringent technical support requirements.

In addition, Mitchell Humphrey has redesigned the FMS Exec module and enhanced ASK FMS.  The newly designed FMS Exec module provides easier and more secure access to importing and exporting data between FMS and Microsoft Excel.  The newly enhanced ASK FMS product includes new dashboards and allows users to store and run multiple reports at the same time on their desktops.

Users found that the MHUG 2011 conference seminars offered new resources and provided them with ways to be more effective.  Additionally, they were able to gain information and give valuable feedback on the release plans for both FMS 2011 and FMS III.

“The seminars at MHUG (Mitchell Humphrey User Group conference) were very valuable.  The City of Surprise sent six staff members to make sure all of the sessions were attended and the consensus was that these seminars definitely will help us with more efficient ways of conducting business,” said Art Urquidez, City of Surprise, Arizona.

Furthermore, the company reported on their success of offering Client Road Show visits, which have been used to demonstrate how clients can maximize the value of their investment in technology and to gather information for the FMS III project.  “The Road Show visit was exactly what we needed.  We found many things that will save us time and money.  Their visit made us aware of all the capabilities of FMS and we immediately worked with Mitchell Humphrey to implement some changes in how we process certain transactions,” noted Art Urquidez, City of Surprise, Arizona.

MHUG Enhances Client’s Knowledge

“My name is Tracy Morrison from the Virginia Department of Veterans Services.  I am the Finance Director for one of our Veterans Care Centers.  I have been using FMS for four years now.  FMS allows us to seamlessly interface with our state-mandated system and is easy for our staff to use in their daily tasks. We have worked closely with several Mitchell Humphrey representatives to develop accrual basis financial reports which are required by nursing home regulations.  We are very pleased with the level of customer service we have received from a very knowledgeable Mitchell Humphrey staff.  We would recommend them to other entities that are looking for a more powerful software solution that is customizable for their individual needs.  The annual User Group meeting is a great way to meet other users to share best practices.”  Tracy Morrison, Finance Director, Virginia Department of Veterans Services

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About Mitchell Humphrey

Since 1977, Mitchell Humphrey has been providing software and services to clients in both the public and private sectors.  Today, clients across North America benefit from our solutions in citizen services, accounting, human resources/payroll, community development, and cashiering. Learn more about Mitchell Humphrey by visiting our web sites at www.mitchellhumphrey.com and/or www.fasttrackgov.com.

To schedule a free on-line demonstration or web-based learning session on the new features, visit www.mitchellhumphrey.com/schedule-a-demo. For more information about Mitchell Humphrey’s software solutions or to request a quote, visit www.mitchellhumphrey.com/get-information-now.

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