Florida Leaders Gather for a New Phase in Government

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Mitchell Humphrey attends Florida League of Cities Conference and displays its FastTrackGov® Community Development Software.

Each year, hundreds of municipal officials gather at the FLC (Florida League of Cities) Conference to learn innovative methods and practices to better their communities.  This year, Mitchell Humphrey joined these officials for the 86th Annual Conference and displayed its community development software, known as FastTrackGov.

The FLC advocacy covers state and federal levels. Its goals are to increase public knowledge of municipal services and issues, provide municipal officials with training and technical assistance, and offer cost-effective programs and products to local governments.

“The entire FastTrackGov suite has been designed to help government organizations use technology to better connect with and serve their constituents,” stated Kim Schaefer, President and COO of Mitchell Humphrey.

The FTG Connect® web portal was presented to demonstrate how it allows cities to accept payments for licenses, permits, or other fees.  Many of the attendees found this to be an incredible resource, and officials discovered that the FastTrackGov on-line messaging could be used to track conversations by both officials and citizens.  Its use can also provide cost-effective and personalized service to their community.  <<Read More

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2012 Best of the Web Award Winners Announced

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FastTrackGov® recently found the 2012 Best of the Web Award Winners on GovTech.com.

Best of the Web honors governments whose websites demonstrate innovation, usability and maximum functionality for users. Best of the Web honorees have sites that also contribute to governmental efficiency by contributing to effective service delivery. Submissions from U.S. cities, counties and states were judged by executives from the Center for Digital Government, along with a panel of past Best of the Web winners. >>Read More

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CIOs Flock to Social Media

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FastTrackGov® recently found an article on GovTech.com, entitled “CIOs Flock to Social Media.”

The article talks about how government agencies have jumped on the social media trend to better communicate with constituents, voters, and citizens.  It further goes on to explain how CIOs are benefiting personally and professionally from social media. >>read article

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Cloud Security Gets Easier White Paper

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FastTrackGov® recently found a white paper on GovTech.com, entitled “Cloud Security Gets Easier.”

The white paper talks about how state and local agencies have new options for effectively managing and securing information — in the cloud, on-premise, or accessible to a wide variety of devices and platforms. >>Read White Paper
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New Permitting Software for Construction Management, Land Use, and Zoning Departments

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Mitchell Humphrey is pleased to announce the upcoming release of its centralized permitting software for Construction Management, Land Use, and Zoning Departments. This module is the newest addition to Mitchell Humphrey’s full suite of FastTrackGov (FTG) web-based government and community development solutions.

Built on a Microsoft Dynamics® CRM platform, the system is specifically designed to streamline the permitting process.  It can be used for several permit types including:  new building construction, addition, remodeling, renovation, demolition, move, variance, zoning change, land alteration, septic, change in usage, sub-division, and many more related permits.

Each step of the permitting process has been simplified and reaches out to all parties through automated communications, notices, and alerts. It has the ability to accommodate all data requirements in automated records and quickly defines and manages tasks to mimic each department’s existing workflow.

Centralized records provide all staff members with instant access to complete parcel information and desired data can be easily retrieved using a variety of information; such as project description, address, property owner, or applicant. With all of the fully integrated FTG modules, multiple divisions of state and local government departments can cross-check records. This ensures that all inspections and/or fees have been taken care of prior to issuing a permit or business license. Any kind of fee can be computed and various financial securities can be accommodated. The module can invoice and track account balances, as well as provide for on-line payments at the time of issuance. It also has the ability to establish approval steps for any application or permit. In addition, the software automatically provides users with the ability to track statistical and financial data regarding applications and permits by type. Users can even track the history of significant events for each account. <<READ MORE

NYC Shows Analytics Can Save Lives

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FastTrackGov® recently found an article posted by Government Technology entitled, “NYC Shows Analytics Can Save Lives (VIDEO)”.  This article talks about the cooperative effort between several city departments and how officials are now using analytics to prioritize decisions to create safer communities. The use of these analytics have resulted in a more than 500 percent increase in the number of buildings that were vacated after inspection, as this video explains. >>Read article 

Learn how FastTrackGov can help your inspectors, officials, and citizens at www.fasttrackgov.com/solutions.

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