Streamlining the Business of Government

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FastTrackGov® recently found a white paper on, written by the Center for Digital Government, called “Streamlining the Business of Government: How Document-Driven Processes Produce Business Value for the Public Sector.”

Government agencies are continually looking for ways to reduce costs and redundancies in business processes, documents and data, applications, and systems. Yet these savings and efficiencies must sustain an organization’s compliance with standards for information security, personal privacy, records retention and program operations. Forward-thinking government agencies are looking to enterprise content management (ECM) systems to help solve these challenges. This white paper discusses how ECM helps government “do less with less,” while also supporting critical efforts to maximize the efficiency and value of every business process and IT investment, move paper documents online, and collaborate internally and externally to deliver services at the level of quality and responsiveness expected by citizens.

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Smart Technology in State and Local Government

FastTrackGov found a study posted on the Government Technology website that looks at how the Internet has become a reality to state and local governments through a growing number of “smart” infrastructure projects.  Read More.

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