Come See Us @ the NJEHA Conference – Booth #206

Mitchell Humphrey & Co. is off to Atlantic City. We are exhibiting at the New Jersey Environmental Health Association 2018 Conference on March 4 & 5. Join us at booth #206. We will be sharing information on our FastTrackGov® Environmental Health (FTG EH) software. And giving away a $100 gift card.

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This web-based solution automates all types of permit applications and renewals, including:

  • Food establishments
  • Swimming pools
  • Sewer/septic tanks
  • Massage therapists
  • X-ray equipment
  • And more

It assists the code enforcement team by automatically routing complaints to the right party and/or creating a code enforcement case from a complaint. It generates inspection schedules from the FTG EH scheduling module. You are also able to enter inspection results and violations online from the field.

The FTG EH solution allows citizens and businesses to connect with you online. Interact on such matters as permit and license applications, payments, renewals, reports, including restaurant scores, complaints, requests, and questions. And most notably, at their convenience.

The entire process is more efficient and streamlined. Data can be shared among all necessary parties, you can instantly communicate with staff, management, applicants, and third parties, as well as automatically compute complex fees.

You will have complete integration with Microsoft. You can access FTG EH directly from Microsoft Outlook® and export to Excel with the click of a button. Create your own dashboards simply, share data, and invoke security when needed.

The NJEHA is a great show. Expect comprehensive seminars featuring expert speakers covering a wide range of timely subjects, a first look at new technologies, products, and services, and the opportunity to meet varied professionals. Community leaders, consultants and engineers, students, emergency responders, and township planners with be among the attendees.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference, and fulfilling all of your environmental health software needs. If you aren’t able to attend, you can schedule a one-on-one demonstration at

Save Time, Energy, and the Environment with FastTrackGov

The important role of Environmental Health organizations in protecting the public demands a specialized permitting and inspection solution – FastTrackGov® provides just that.  A few benefits you will receive from this Microsoft Dynamics® CRM based Software:

  • Public-facing portal where customers can:
    • Apply, renew, and pay fees online
    • Attach related documentation
    • Check status of applications and inspections
    • View restaurant scores
  • GIS integration
  • Consolidate and integrate data across all departments
  • Easily adapt to changing requirements
  • Automate all types of permit applications and renewals
  • Inspections and violations can be entered online from the field
  • Automatic computation and processing of even the most complex fees
  • Real-time communication of alerts, tasks, and notifications
  • Customizable, user-defined dashboards and robust
    ad-hoc reporting capabilities
  • Familiar and user-friendly environment

Join Mitchell Humphrey & Co. at their upcoming webinars to learn more!

Tuesday, July 12th at 1:00 P.M. Central Time

Our highly trained Environmental Health Specialists will be attending the upcoming National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) Conference from June 13 – 14!  Stop by booth 301 for an in person demo!

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New Collective Targets Would-Be Green Cities

Mitchell Humphrey & Co. recently found an article on entitled, “New Collective Targets Would-Be Green Cities.”

The Sustainability Exchange is offering services to mayors around the country who want an edge on their environmental projects.

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Why are Erie County’s Taxpayers so Happy?

How would you like to start imagining yourself with more time, money and efficiency?  Better yet – can you see yourself ‘error proof’ and able to access valuable information at the drop of a dime?

Well, that is exactly what our 25 yearlong client, Erie County, did!

Erie County has discovered that giving the ‘green light’ to Go Green has saved their taxpayers money, improved public service and, overall, added time and value to their county efforts.  In the article, Erie County, Erie schools going green by saving paper and cash, written by Erie Times-News, the Erie School District saved almost 4 million sheets of paper and $22,000 in the last school year, just by discouraging unnecessary printing.  The county also plans to save around $6,000 a year on ledger paper alone, just by switching to eStatements.  These savings do not include the cost savings for printers, toner, ink, or the routinely average 200 page-long council agendas which are now viewed mainly electronically.

According to, the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year.  Multiply that by the number of employees you have, and can you see how going paperless could save your business money?

Switching over to eStatements also saves the county courts a significant amount of time, since banks automatically match cleared checks. And that’s not all.  Erie County has improved its public service by digitalizing court, property, and estate records to be accessed by the public, free of charge, at the courthouse.

You can decide if Going Paperless = More $$$ + Better Service.  Put that extra time and money toward more important things, because you, your company, your employees, and your citizens deserve it!

For more information about going paperless using Mitchell Humphrey software, call 1-800-237-0028 or visit us at or  To learn more about our products and services, visit our online video today.

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How to Succeed, Stay Sane, and Have Fun at Work

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From Brad Schnell:

I recently attended the Washington Finance Officer Association annual conference in Bellevue, Washington.  This well organized event included great sessions for Local Public Officials.  One session that I attended was “How to Succeed, Stay Sane and Have Fun at Work”, by keynote speaker David Rabiner, owner of Rabiner Resources.   He is an excellent public speaker that combines just the right mix of humor and storytelling to keep his audience interested in his subject.  

His presentation brought to the forefront awareness and information on personality types in the work place, and as a manager of people, advice on how to work positivity and effectively with different styles.  It was a great reminder about how we all have different personalities and different ways we tackle problems and lead teams.   David took the concept of the Myers Briggs HumanMetrics testing and modified it to simplify and organize personality’s types; so employees, managers, and day-to-day people can understand and achieve a successful working relationship.   

In his session, David gave us a simple questionnaire in order to determine our type through a formula he has developed.  The questions ask about your attitude or reaction to handling conflict, relationships, workload and stress.   Then we completed a four square matrix and our personality type surfaced.  I turned up in Box 1 – no surprise to me.  Following are the 4 types of personalities: 

Box 1 
The good traits: Peacemaker, good listener, involves others, cooperative, and likes routine.  
The not so good traits: Avoids conflict, doesn’t speak up, can’t act alone, can’t say no, and resists change.

Box 2
The good traits:
 Entertainer, creative, energetic, persuasive, and fun.    
The not so good traits: Impulsive, lacks follow-thru, dislikes routine, poor listener, and easily bored.

Box 3
The good traits:
Scholar, detail-oriented, organized, accurate, and dependable.
The not so good traits: Indecisive, nit-picky, inflexible, and critical.

Box 4
The good traits:
Achiever, decisive, productive, focused, and competitive. 
The not so good traits: Steamroller, bossy, impatient, unfriendly, and aggressive.

You will probably guess which personality you are without answering the questionnaire (or maybe not).  I think being a Box 1 serves me well in my career in sales.  Being a good listener and cooperative are my biggest strengths, especially in solution selling.  I have to be able to understand the needs of my clients in order to define a solution and show them the benefits of that solution. 

Box 2 people are fun and creative in the office.  You know, the one who always has the good joke, with a great personality who is also good in sales.   Box 3 people require research and backup for every decision they make.  This is the personality type of accountants and software implementers – I work with lots of those too!  And, finally Box 4 people get things done.  You want one of these guys on your team when you have deadlines that can’t be missed.  They may step on a few toes in the process, but you can count on them to get that all important project done and on time.  The well-rounded individual has a little bit of all of these traits. 

Good leadership is understanding how your team works, and how they can best work together.  Being respectful and understanding when to encourage a certainly personality to complete a task or redirect them so they are leveraging their strengths is all important in the office culture.  When setting employee motivational goals, it is important to set those goals based on the personality type and work style of each individual employee.  For example, as a supervisor, if you’re a Box 3 and directing a Box 2,  you need to understand what motivates them so you can interpret their reactions and behaviors.  This is a good argument for managers to “think outside the box” when it comes to supervising others.

As an organization, setting goals and attaining them requires a team that is diverse and active in their individual strengths and skills.  Effective leadership will nurture and support these talented people in a fun and productive way.  To learn more from David Rabiner and view his presentations, visit his web site at

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