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b4ad36d8-df90-4f98-90ea-06288ef0b631The face of transportation for hire regulation has changed significantly in the past couple of years.  What it will look like tomorrow, next month, or next year is anybody’s guess.  As transportation regulators, how can you be prepared for the future of regulation when you have no idea what the future holds?  Learn more.

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Check out how you can export your standard reports and use them in other programs such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or Adobe Reader!

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Government Social Media Sites and Transparency – What Can You Do?

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From Tim Kiely:

FastTrackGov found an article posted by Government Technology News entitled “Backing Up Twitter and Facebook Posts Challenges Governments” that discusses the important issue of transparency for Government Twitter and Facebook accounts, and provides a look at what some government agencies are doing to address it.

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Seven Predictions for Gov 2.0 in 2010

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From Tim Kiely:

FastTrackGov found an interesting article entitled “The Government 2.0 Forecast For 2010: 7 Predictions” compliments of Social Computing Journal which provides a list of seven predictions as to what will happen with government use of social media technologies in 2010.

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Social Media…What’s Hot for 2010?

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From Tim Kiely:

What will 2010 bring in terms of Social Media options for governments and their citizens?

FastTrackGov found a short video entitled “What’s Hot in 2010? Learn from the Online Trendsetters” that discusses several recently launched Social Media websites that have early adopters excited, and how they could become the next big thing in 2010 and beyond. 

Video compliments of Daisy Whitney’s New Media Minute.

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Survey Results: How is Government Using Social Media?

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From Tim Kiely:

FastTrackGov conducted an on-line survey of municipal governments across the United States in an effort to determine if and how they are using Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) to communicate with citizens.


  • Nearly 3 out of 5 municipal governments that responded to the survey use Social Media as an option to communicate with their citizens and business owners.
  • Of those municipal governments that do use Social Media, Facebook and Twitter are by far the most popular options with each listed by about 4 out of every 5 survey respondents.
  • While YouTube is used by municipal governments, it is not as popular as FaceBook or Twitter with only about 3 in 10 survey respondents listing it.
  • A vast majority of survey respondents currently use Social Media resources for one-way, outbound communication with their citizens to share news, promote meetings and events, and deliver public safety and emergency information.
  • Most survey respondents indicated that their citizens are still very much in the early stages of accepting Social Media options as viable government communications resources. 


Does your organization currently use Social Media to communicate with citizens/constituents, businesses, vendors, etc.?  

Survey Results Image 1

Which Social Media options does your organization currently use?

Survey Results Image 2

For those Social Media sites you indicated that your organization does use, which one(s) do you use most frequently?

Survey Results Image 3

For those social media site(s) you use, indicate the purpose(s) for which your organization uses them.

Survey Results Image 4

If you are using Social Media in your citizen communication efforts, about what percentage of your community has embraced the practice?

Survey Results Image 5

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