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Mitchell Humphrey & Co. is always looking for helpful resource sites to share with businesses and government agencies so they can be the best they can be.

For those with financial backgrounds, such as CPA and CFO, here are a few:
Sales Report

American Institute of CPAs

Beyond BudgetingTM


Government Finance Officers Association



The links below can help provide you with useful information about various related industries and organizations.


GovCentral Government Jobs, Pay Scales and You

GovLoop Social Network for Government

International Code Council

ICMA Leaders at the Core of Better Communities

Microsoft Government Employee

Sustainable City Network

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Join Mitchell Humphrey & Co. at the NJMMA Conference!

This month, Mitchell Humphrey & Co. will be attending the New Jersey Municipal Management Association Conference from May 4 – 5, 2016 at the Breakers Hotel in Spring Lake, NJ.

As stated on their webpage, the The New Jersey Municipal Management Association (NJMMA) is an organization of professional local government administrators and mytown citizen connectassistants whose goal is to improve the quality of local government in New Jersey through professional management. Mitchell Humphrey & Co.’s mission is to connect the government with their citizens in an easy, environmentally friendly way. With the FastTrackGov® online portal, citizens will have easy access, unparalleled convenience, and their processes will be faster than ever.

FastTrackGov offers an easy-to-use suite of web-based solutions for Licensing, Permitting, Code Enforcement, Inspections, Land Management, Environmental Health, and Citizen Interaction.

Stop by our table to learn more about our dynamic product, and start improving your local government today!  Want a demo? Our highly qualified Government Software Solutions Specialist, Nancy Brady, is ready to give you the information you need.

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3 Best Practices for Streamlining Permitting

President and COO of Mitchell Humphrey & Co., Kim Schaefer discusses the three best practices for streamlining permitting in her new white paper.

The 3 Best Practices paper focuses on the permitting process and best practices that can help streamlineshutterstock_57862405-construction the workflow and create efficiency. These best practices will help to decrease the administrative burden on communities; allowing them to manage their workload more effectively, provide better customer service, and be prepared for the future. We also look at several model communities with concrete examples of the efficiencies created when addressing collaboration, standardization, and managed workflow. These communities
focus on making all required information easy to find on their portal, offering online, email, in-person, or mail submission of applications, and providing a single point of contact help to simplify the process for citizens and businesses.

Download your free white paper and register for Mitchell Humphrey & Co.’s upcoming Permitting webinar, January 27th at 1:00 P.M. CST, to see how FastTrackGov® can effectively streamline your work.

Click Here to Start Streamlining.

Streamline your Permitting with FastTrackGov®

Are your citizens tired of standing in line, waiting for approvals, and the complexity of the permitting process?
Engineer online

“MH&Co. simplifies the permitting process.”

Is your staff frustrated by incomplete applications, answering questions, and their inability to track applications throughout the approval process?
The fact is local governments are now challenged to operate with fewer resources – making it critical to simplify, automate, and streamline processes.
Mitchell Humphrey & Co. simplifies the permitting process by providing a web-based solution to all levels of government with a full suite of automated community development applications, including construction and use permits, code enforcement, inspections, violation tracking, licensing, and citizen requests.  The FTG Connect citizen portal allows you to provide service to your citizens 24/7/365 and can dramatically reduce the daily traffic in your office.
Join us on January 27, 2016 at 1:00 P.M. CST
 to see how FastTrackGov can help your 
community development office operate more 
efficiently and increase citizen satisfaction.
Need a place to start on improving your process? Download the free white paper.

Governor Chris Christie signs controversial bill to extend N.J. building permits

Mitchell Humphrey & Co. recently found an article on NJ.comEngineer online entitled, “Christie signs controversial bill to extend N.J. building permits”.  Governor Chris Christie signed the Permit Extension Act (A3815), which was first enacted in 2008 and was re-upped through legislation in 2010 and 2012.  <<Read article

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GIS and the Rising Importance of “Where” in Government

man finger point on technology

Mitchell Humphrey & Co. recently found an article on entitled, “GIS and the Rising Importance of “Where” in Government”.
At one time, GIS was a complex, unapproachable technology with no applicability for the layman.  Then came mobility, location-based applications and GPS.  Today, GIS is an increasingly vital component of government agencies’ work, helping employees make more intelligent, informed decisions, improving collaboration, increasing productivity and lowering costs.  Read this Special Report to find out how various departments in government agencies around the country are putting a new spin on an old technology to transform operations. >>Read Article

Visit the Mitchell Humphrey & Co. booth 1432 at the New Jersey League of Municipalities in Atlantic City, NJ from November 18 – 20, 2014! 


Stop by Booth #1432 at the NJLM Conference!

Mitchell Humphrey & Co. is attending the 2013 New Jersey League of Municipalities Conference in Atlantic City, NJ from November 18 – November 21, 2013!

Now you can centralize your processes, eliminating piles of paperwork. Your documents will no longer have to be shuffled between departments, inhibiting accessibility and wasting time.

  • SMALLER ORGANIZATIONS:  Learn about our GSS software, an easy-to-use permitting solution.
  • LARGER ORGANIZATIONS:  Learn about our FastTrackGov® software, a complete Community Development solution.

We offer solutions to simplify your Permitting, Licensing, Code Enforcement, Inspections, and Citizen Request Tracking that are specifically designed for Construction Management, Zoning, Land Use, Licensing, Code Enforcement, and other departments involved in the permitting process.

  • Speed up your processes
  • Work via a centralized database
  • Accommodate the most complex fee computations
  • Reduce errors and maximize revenue

Learn more at or visit Booth #1432 at the NJLM Conference and enter for a chance to win a $50 Gift Card.


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