Mitchell Humphrey & Co. (MH&Co.) will be at the Palace at Somerset in New Jersey on Thursday, April 6, to participate in the NJGMIS Conference.

Stop by our booth and see how MH&Co.’s FastTrackGov® (FTG) can provide an easy-to-use suite of web-based solutions for Licensing, Permitting, Code Enforcement, Inspections, Land Management, Environmental Health, Citizen Interaction, and Vehicle for Hire Regulation and Reporting.


Our solution is built on the Microsoft Dynamics® CRM platform so data is easily shared among departments so citizens, office staff, and inspectors can work together fluidly.

MH&Co. also offers an accounting software solution, Financial Management Systems (FMS). FMS provides your organization with maximum control over data, efficiency in business processes, and the ability to make sound fiscal decisions. Additionally, FMS is seamlessly integrated into our FTG solution.

Nancy Brady, one of MH&Co.’s Account Executives, will be attending to answer all of your questions and offering on-site demos.

Helpful Resources

Mitchell Humphrey & Co. is always looking for helpful resource sites to share with businesses and government agencies so they can be the best they can be.

For those with financial backgrounds, such as CPA and CFO, here are a few:
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How to Stay Relevant in the Vehicle for Hire Industry.

In our discussions with regulators in the Vehicle for Hire industry, several issues seem to resonate with all of them.

  • How do we contend with the effects ridesharing companies have on the current regulatory environment?  The legal ramifications of integrating TNCs into the current environment can be overwhelming.  Most regulators have found it necessary to modify their code to accommodate these new entrants.  In addition to effectively enforcing new regulations, they are dealing with the backlash from traditional taxi companies.  Often, when ridesharing companies face a different set of regulations, legal battles ensue.
  • When TNCs are incorporated into the current regulatory framework, how will we handle the mounting paperwork resulting from the influx of new drivers and vehicles into the system?  Whether there are different rules for ridesharing companies vs traditional taxis or not, there are bound to be issues with tracking the rules and to whom they apply.
  • The ridesharing economy is here to stay. How do regulators stay relevant in an economy where regulation is frowned upon?  Do they owe citizens the peace of mind of knowing a background check has been performed on the driver?  Is it their responsibility to level the playing field for traditional VFH companies?

Whatever decisions they ultimately make, regulators are going to need help traversing the new climate.  With FastTrackGov®, you can:

  • Deal with the legal ramifications of the new ridesharing economy and enforce current and new regulations
  • Handle mounting paperwork
  • Stay relevant in the growing rideshare economy

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Join Mitchell Humphrey & Co. at the NJMMA Conference!

This month, Mitchell Humphrey & Co. will be attending the New Jersey Municipal Management Association Conference from May 4 – 5, 2016 at the Breakers Hotel in Spring Lake, NJ.

As stated on their webpage, the The New Jersey Municipal Management Association (NJMMA) is an organization of professional local government administrators and mytown citizen connectassistants whose goal is to improve the quality of local government in New Jersey through professional management. Mitchell Humphrey & Co.’s mission is to connect the government with their citizens in an easy, environmentally friendly way. With the FastTrackGov® online portal, citizens will have easy access, unparalleled convenience, and their processes will be faster than ever.

FastTrackGov offers an easy-to-use suite of web-based solutions for Licensing, Permitting, Code Enforcement, Inspections, Land Management, Environmental Health, and Citizen Interaction.

Stop by our table to learn more about our dynamic product, and start improving your local government today!  Want a demo? Our highly qualified Government Software Solutions Specialist, Nancy Brady, is ready to give you the information you need.

Visit our website at!

5 Reasons to Use FastTrackGov®

FastTrackGov® offers a variety of business touchscreen interface

Mitchell Humphrey & Co. has been in business for over 35 years, bringing several solutions to the table.  The latest in their line of solutions is FastTrackGov (FTG).  FTG provides government organizations with an easy-to-use, feature-rich suite of web-based solutions for LicensingPermittingCode EnforcementEnvironmental HealthCitizen Interaction, and Vehicle for Hire Regulation Management.  FTG makes it easier for departments to communicate with each other, and for citizens to interact with their government.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics® CRM

FTG is built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform so that data is automated and can be easily shared among multiple departments in real-time.  FTG allows citizens, office staff, managers, inspectors, and other staff the ability to work fluidly together.


All FTG products are designed for use as either standalone or integrated with other products.  Integration means all data is entered only once and is available to all other connected users.


Fast Tracked

All products contain features that speed the processing of applications, citizen feedback, code enforcement cases, and other documents.  Faster processing means more satisfied citizens and often increased revenues.


All products contain optional features and alternative ways of performing tasks.  This flexibility means you do not have to change policies and processes that you desire to keep.  In other words, our products adapt to your needs rather than the other way around.

With FTG, you can save time, improve citizen service, and obtain faster results.  The software system will effectively pay for itself in the long run.  To learn more about FTG or to schedule a demo, visit

Visit Mitchell Humphrey & Co. at the New Jersey Government Management Information Sciences Conference!

Visit Mitchell Humphrey & Co. at the New Jersey Government Management Information Sciences Conference at Booth 39 in the Palace at Somerset Park on March 25, 2015! mytown citizen connect

All your data is at your fingertips with Mitchell Humphrey & Co.’s FastTrackGov® solutions. 

Mitchell Humphrey & Co.’s FastTrackGov (FTG) offers an easy-to-use suite of web-based solutions for Licensing, Permitting, Code Enforcement, Inspections, Land Management, Environmental Health, and Citizen Interaction.  Built on the Microsoft Dynamics® CRM platform, FTG allows you to share data and communicate instantly with all interested parties. FTG will help you save time, reduce errors, speed up service, and go green.

We invite you to visit us at an event in your area, or you may also learn about the FastTrackGov solution by scheduling your own personalized demonstration at

logo_FTG-4ct-w-700 a product of:

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FastTrackGov® Special Feature: Permitting and Code Enforcement Management Systems for Environmental Health Organizations

Environmental Health - man testing water in a streamThe important role of environmental health organizations in protecting the health of the public demands a specialized permitting and code enforcement management system – FastTrackGov® provides just that.

logo_FTG-4ct-w-700 delivers:

  • Automation of all types of permit applications and renewals
  • Exceptional citizen service with online, real-time information and notifications
  • Faster response time with built-in workflows
  • Lower cost per citizen served
  • Ability to easily analyze operational results (request processed, violations issued, fees, etc.)
  • Enhanced citizen satisfaction with automatic recording, routing, and response to requests
  • Maximized revenue potential with automatic fee computations and online payments
  • Ability to manage risks through enforcement of regulations and control over the process

Visit for more information or to schedule a demo.

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