What’s ahead for the Vehicle for Hire Industry?

In our discussions with regulators in the Vehicle for Hire industry, several issues seem to resonate with all of them.

  • How do we contend with the effects ridesharing companies have on the current regulatory environment?  The legal ramifications of integrating TNCs into the current environment can be overwhelming.  Most regulators have found it necessary to modify their code to accommodate these new entrants.  In addition to effectively enforcing new regulations, they are dealing with the backlash from traditional taxi companies.  Often, when ridesharing companies face a different set of regulations, legal battles ensue.
  • When TNCs are incorporated into the current regulatory framework, how will we handle the mounting paperwork resulting from the influx of new drivers and vehicles into the system?  Whether there are different rules for ridesharing companies vs traditional taxis or not, there are bound to be issues with tracking the rules and to whom they apply.
  • The ridesharing economy is here to stay.  This is further evidenced by Facebook’s recent entrance into the market.  How do regulators stay relevant in an economy where regulation is frowned upon?  Do they owe citizens the peace of mind of knowing a background check has been performed on the driver?  Is it their responsibility to level the playing field for traditional VFH companies?

Whatever decisions they ultimately make, regulators are going to need help traversing the new climate.

  • Deal with the legal ramifications of the new ridesharing economy and enforce current and new regulations
  • Handle mounting paperwork
  • Stay relevant in the growing rideshare economy

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Mitchell Humphrey & Co. announces its release of Vehicle for Hire Regulation Management Software

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