FastTrackGov® Special Feature: Permitting for Inspectors

Architect on a construction siteFastTrackGov, from Mitchell Humphrey & Co., simplifies the permitting process by providing a web-based solution to all levels of government with a full suite of automated community development applications, including construction and land use permits, code enforcement, inspections, violation tracking, licensing, and citizen requests.  Inspectors in the field know how important it is to have good working systems.  With the FastTrackGov Permitting Software, inspectors can:

  • Maintain and view up-to-the-minute, online appointment schedules by day or by week
  • Remotely access the FastTrackGov system from the field with a mobile device
  • Create and print inspection results and notes, certificates, violation notices, letters, and inspection checklists
  • Integrate with GIS, print maps, and view geographic representations of system data
  • Perform a plan review of the applications and provide feedback listing issues or necessary changes

To learn more or to schedule a demo, visit

ftg a product of



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